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“A man whose name is Ju-Jitsu”

International Stage Wjjf Italy

Wjjf Soke Robert Clarkhis is doubtlessly the most difficult article I’ve ever had to write. I don’t want to write it as the report of a week-end spent with the English, but I want to tell more. I want to tell of a man and what this man has been able to carry out and leave to all of us. It is really touchfull and difficult to talk of three days spent between exams and a stage without the strong presence of Soke Clark. Nevertheless, I’ll do my best and already apologize because I won’t be good enough at turning all this into words.

During the week-end between the 20th and the 22nd of April emotions really took over, together with strange feelings, memories, hugs, the missing presences and the eyes. Yes, the eyes that cross in the hotel when the English committee arrives at Pisa accompanied by the international president Bertoletti and a great friend Stefano Draghi.

Desk Wjjf Pma ItalyThere where all the eyes, exept for those of that  unmistakable blue-green colour, exept for those so deep and charismatic that one can read inside of them the great knowledge of a man that has transformed, or to be more exact has disrupted Ju-Jitsu.

The first emotion, the first hug to Beryl, the missing Soke’s partner. A hug spent in silent respect, whithout any inappropriate word. A hug to share a great pain that has striken deeply all the hearts in a different way. All this has passed through the eys, in a dimension where the souls are released from  any linguistic or national constraints.

Wjjf Stage 2012All this, in a strong, long and silent hug: respect, pain, ivolvment, sharing, hope, but also the resolution of continuing the way our Master insistently wanted. The Wjjf Pma Italia shares the Master’s decision to charge Matthew Rinaldi with the task of carring out his Ju-Jitsu, his style. We plainly agree with this because the Soke always knew what was the best to do, and as this was his will we’ll support it.

WjjfWhen such a prominent figure is missing even the stages and the exams change their flavour. However, as people say “ the show must go on”. Anyway, everything changes and nothing stays the same in life. Therefore, it’s about time to evolve for the biggest Ju-Jitsu Federation in the world. As far as we are concerned, we count on our international president’s and on the irreplaceable Beryl’s guide, who’ve been representing the soul of the Wjjf so far. But, what has really changed after all? Maybe us. Undoubtedly has not changed what surrounds us. It’s true, we feel a great emptiness, but there’s nothing we can do about it. It’s life. Than, let’s accept this life, as well as in Ju-Jitsu the fighter accepts and uses the adversary strenght to overthrow him. Let’s accept this pain to turn it into something positive.

Matthew RinaldiWell, what might be positive in the death of a man? Certainly what is positive is all this man has been to us, all of him that will stay on our hearts and minds. Soke Robert Clark taught us the values of ab-negation and solidarity. What is more, he passed his great passion for his Ju-Jitsu on us, which somehow bounds together many people with different viewpoints. Nevertheless, they all share a kind of “common denominator”. Him, the Soke, the Ju-Jitsu.

One might say “a man will die, but not his ideals”,

It’s up to us now to carry them on with strong resolution and co-operation with Liverpool and its top executives, who are still the same as before. Then, what has really changed? Maybe it’s us indeed, hardened because we are narrow-minded. Because we find it difficult to understand that death is part of the wonderful and painful path of life. Death is unavoidably part of life, it’s a compulsory appointment and as well as all the events of our life, one ought to face it with serenity, as the passing to a different life and not as thought it was the end of all. Now it’s up to us, to all of us, who joined the Master’s philosophy, to show that we really beleaved in it.

Wjjf Junior 2012

There is not a country, nor even  a town where Ju-Jitsu can’t be brought and wouldn’t fascinate. “Ju-Jitsu is onely a means” the Master used to say. Then, lets carry on our experience on the wonderful world of the sweet art, lets try to introduce to other people this great man. A man who’s written one of the most beautiful and important pages in the history of martial arts. Simply, exctly there on the tatami, just letting it work, letting it be known by itself, without one’s having to say. Just letting he be known through his techniques, through his Ju-Jitsu, through us......right now, in the future and everywhere.

Thank you very much for everything dear Soke Clark, we will keep you jealously in our hearts.

Honour and respect. Ossss!!!!

M° Adriano Busà
Wjjf Pma Italia

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